Axel Brunst // Photographer


The man behind the Camera.



Resident of planet earth since 1993. Born in Germany. Raised travelling and exploring the great outdoors. Toblerone-lover and roadtrip-addict. Passionate hiker and mountain biker. Occasional runner & chef. Ex-Marketing student with a BA in advertising and market communication. Fundamentally curious person. Always looking for a new challenge.




I strive to create visual content people can relate to. Moments captured in images rather than moments created for images. My imagery not only feels authentic and real. It is exactly that. With all those little imperfections.

My goal is to share experiences through my images. To create images that inspire people. That stoke their passion for the outdoors. That make them want to experience the world beyond what they already know. Images that evoke appreciation for the beauty of nature. My images are meant to engage audiences, because it makes them feel something.

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