Axel Brunst // Photographer


A brief look at images from commissioned projects, personal work and everything in between.

An Afternoon at the Lake

It’s easy to forget what made you you pick up a camera in the first place. For me this has always been documenting finding and capturing those special moments and forgetting about everything and anything around me.
Being a full time student it’s hard to make up the time for shoots and projects sometimes. Especially at the end of each semester when getting prepared for exams is the priority. However forcing myself to just go out for a walk with the camera or spending a evening at the local lake with the family can be so refreshing. And clicking the shutter feels is so exciting again. Just like when I picked up a camera for the first time. - That’s the moments I live for.

As as side note: That’s my grandfather in the last image. He’s the person who got me hooked with photography and travelling. And even though he’s steadily making his way to the 80-years-of-age mark, he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. A true inspiration!